Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recipe Formatting Tutorial for blog post

Here is the tutorial on how we format our posts.

To format the recipes
1. Go to
2. Fill in as much information as possible
3. Click on "More options" and fill in any extra information there
4. Click Format Recipe
5. Copy and Paste the HTML from the top box into the HTML section of the blog post

To calculate nutrition information
1. Go to
2. Copy and paste the ingredient list from above into the box and enter serving size
3. Click Analyze
4. Hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard
5. Open up Paint
6. Paste from your clipboard
7. Click the Selection square and select the nutrition information
8. Copy to clipboard
9. Open a new copy of Paint and paste into it
10. Save to computer
11. Upload image to bottom of blog post

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